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• Thursday, November 06th, 2008

I attended an amazing Power Core meeting today!  I was a guest of one of my clients.

Lots of talking, lots of (very short!) business presentations.  This group is in the business of referral marketing in a big way.  Even as a guest, I walked away with four referrals for business.

I also walked away with a small stack of business cards as new contacts.  Nothing particularly special about that – you can pick up business cards anywhere.  But, if I follow up quickly, these people might actually remember me from the meeting.

So, I finally had a chance to sit down to send out some cards to them. After sending a few initial contact e-mails, I sent out four thank you cards to people from the meeting who particularly helped – either inviting me, giving me a referral, or answering a bunch of questions.  With Send Out Cards, I was able to sit down at the computer, draft four entirely unique messages on four entirely unique cards, and have them sent by REAL mail to these business contacts.  But I didn’t have any thank you cards at home.  It was all through the computer.  I’m hoping for a positive impression through those cards to these influential networking people.  I’m excited that I’m able to do it so easily!!

• Tuesday, November 04th, 2008

Catch me tonight around 8:30 on Scott & Charlie’s High Octance Show on 92.5 The Bear!

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• Saturday, November 01st, 2008

I’ve been Twittering a bit this weekend and learning things along the way.  Twitpic seems to be the popular way to post pictures to Twitter, perhaps because of the tiny url it provides for your pic.  Very easy interface. 

Just got to and enter your Twitter username/password.  Click around until you see a link to “Upload Photo” on the top nav bar.  After you upload the picture, it lets you post a message to go with it.  Then it automatically posts it to Twitter.  Easy as  pie!   

Check out my pics:

I posted the box above by getting the code for a Badge from TwitPic and inserting it into my post. Pretty cool! :)

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