• Friday, September 25th, 2009

I’ve just learned about a great new business opportunity.  It’s great for the following reasons:

1) Low start up (max $75)

2) Great earning potential (up to $340 for one “party”)

3)  Rinse and repeat for another $340 as often as you like

4)  Opportunity to earn your way to full distributor rather than fronting the money

How can you beat that?

This particular product is perfect for the upcoming Christmas season.  Now is the BEST time to get  involved, because the highest sales will happen in the next three months.

This company is just venturing into the Home Party business, so it’s looking to find party scheduling experts. Are you good at doing parties?

Even if you’re not, this system is so easy, you just have to start the ball rolling and let your new affiliates do the parties.  Basically, you purchase a business in a box for $49 (which comes with an account for using the product for yourself). For another $25, you qualify yourself as a Retail Affiliate (RA), eligible to sell new accounts and earn retail profits and bonuses.  A Retail Affiliate is not as good as a full Distributor, because you don’t get residuals as an Affiliate, but the RA position lets you earn the money to become a full Distributor.  An AWESOME system!

Give me a call for details!  678-298-9422

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