• Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I’m happily planning away all day, getting lots of stuff done.  No stress, just more stuff to do.

And then the school bus arrives.  And the stress starts.  Supper’s already in the oven, but they’re STARVING right now and give me no rest.  But I refuse to let them fill up on candy.  I give them a small snack and try to shoo them outside.  The home line rings.  Before I finish with that, the cell phone rings (a business call I’ve been playing tag with).  I run outside for some quiet since it’s the only place with no kids (yet). Of course, they find me, shouting another snack request, despite my frantic, futile hand motions that I’m on the phone.

With supper a little early tonight, I haven’t even started down the homework path yet.    No more work  until bedtime! 😐

Keeping it real,


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