• Wednesday, February 18th, 2009


Sell Without Selling: Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success

by Terri Levine

Terri Levine sets out with this book to make the jungle safe for everyone venturing in to sales.  Her colorful and descriptive narrative lays out one of the classic truths of sales:  Sell yourself sincerely before trying to sell anything else.  Without being long-winded, Levine personifies the classic sales stereotypes into various animal characters which make them very easy to remember. I guess that’s what makes it a fable. Duh.


  • Easy read.  Short and to the point.  Reads like a novel with a storyline, so it’s not boring or technical.
  • Useful points to keep in mind.
  • Colorful figures which make the points easy to remember.


  • Lacks real meat and how-tos.  While the principals addressed are enduring, the book is too short to go into real how-tos or sales methods.  Indeed, that’s not what the book is about anyway.
  • Makes it seem TOO easy. (Maybe it is.) Levine’s simplistic personifications make the process of sales very black and white, yet seldom is it so in real life.  Or maybe it can be with the proper mindset, which is the primary purpose of this book – to set the right perspective on sales.

Using the advice in this book might just make the jungle safe (and even fun!) for you, too.

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