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• Friday, October 31st, 2008

Just back from the gym. I’ve been much better about getting to the gym lately, something I usually let slip when work gets heavier and time is short.  I’ve been there 3 days each week for the last three weeks, which is super good for me.  My goal is to exercise at home the other two weekdays and also on the weekend.  I was better about that this week, but not so great previous weeks.  Hopefully the trend will continue. :)

Even though it takes a chunk out of my day, I think exercising everyday serves several big purposes:

  1. Adds discipline, routine, and structure to the day, just like a work day in a office.
  2. Serves as an outlet for stress which inevitably builds up. 
  3. In conjunction with eating right and being mindful about health, it keeps you fitter and healthier – which ultimately adds time to your schedule – higher productivity, less sick/blah time, more motivation.
  4. During the time I’m exercising, I find my mind planning, coming up with new ideas, solving problems, etc.  I frequently record these thoughts on my phone for future reference, so it’s actually very productive time.

Thought control has a lot to do with discipline.  I hear that sneaky voice in my head saying, “Just stay home and work today. It’s just one day and you have a lot of stuff to do.”  I’ve been listening to that voice way too much lately.  Of course, I always have a lot of stuff to do.  Getting it done is another story.  I’m hoping that maintaining the discipline to exercise regularly (and talking back to that nasty voice) will keep me moving forward towards business goals and discipline, too.

Keeping it real,