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• Friday, February 20th, 2009

STEP 1:  Make a commitment to yourself.
•    Make a commitment to yourself to NOT quit.  Figure out your WHY.  Use your why for motivation.  Re-motivate every day to meet the commitment to yourself.  You’re worth it!
•    Track the numbers.  Understand that it’s a numbers game.  Numbers are different for each person, but just worry about keeping track of YOUR numbers.  Don’t worry about how many YESes, or even how many you get to talk to.  You only control how many people you invite to listen.  Track your numbers to determine how many you need to INVITE in order to reach your goal.  Then make it happen! ALL of the great success stories in home-based business have huge numbers – because that’s how you reach success.
•    Meet the commitment to yourself with consistent action every day.  Talk, talk, talk and talk some more.

STEP 2:  Self-Improvement
As you’re living up to your commitment and inviting X people each day to listen, work on self-improvement – books, tapes, CD’s, seminars, training programs.  Always keep something in the car to listen to and something by your bed and even something in the bathroom.  As you learn and change, your results will change and that’s when the magic will happen.

Some classics to look into:  Books by Zig Ziglar or Jim Rohn, tapes and seminars by Dani Johnson.

STEP 3:  Teach Your Team
Once you see that it CAN be done, that it’s possible to make changes to effect a different (positive!) result, you can teach others on your team how to do it.  Ensure your system is duplicatable and teach everyone on your team to duplicate it.  Teach them the rule of the numbers.  Teach them to LEARN.  Watch them change, grow, produce, and duplicate. (Of course, this last step will only work for those on your team who are teachable.)

Bottom Line: It takes time!  Don’t sell yourself short by quitting during a dry spell.  Believe in the numbers – they don’t lie! Talking to more people WILL build your business.  As you improve, your numbers will improve.  Earnestly pursuing self-improvement will insure growth not just in your business, but all aspects of your life.  What a bonus!