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• Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I’m excited.  For the past year, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can market online for all of my businesses without developing a split personality.  I thought I would have to have multiple logins and profiles, each for a separatebusiness, and only post what was applicable to that specific business.  Where would I find the time?  Where would I find the creative energy to write under so many different hates?  The “experts” tell you to approach social marketing as yourself – just be yourself, be real – and the word will get out.  I couldn’t figure out to do that and still be authentic.

But this is simple.  I can just be who I am.  I’m a Home-Based CEO struggling to make multiple businesses work. (OK, no arguments about doing ONE thing great rather than to many things mediocre – I’m dealing with that issue. :)) With this site – The Home-Based CEO.com – I can relate what I’m doing to make those businesses work, how I promote online, what deals I find to help my business at home, how I juggle household duties with work time, etc., etc.  And I can do it all in one place, rather than trying to maintain six different marketing plans.

Every home-based CEO must face similar issues, right? Prioritization, time management, juggling multiple hats of parent/spouse/CEO.  What struggles and conflicts are you facing and how are you handling them?  Are you looking for some service which another home-based CEO might be able to provide? 

This site is all about keeping it real.  Working from home is not a magic ticket to riches.  It’s working. Any home-based business opportunity which promises magical riches in months is a scam, or, at best, exaggerating the truth.  The Home-Based CEO will let you see the real world of home-based business and how it IS possible to be successful, sometimes wildly successful (which is everyone’s dream, of course). 

I hope that three years from now, I’ll be updating this blog with descriptions of the beaches I’m looking at from my month-long vacations (which are tax-deductible because they’re working vacations).

Keeping it real,